Hi, I'm Elizabeth

A math ​tutor from Winston Hills.

How I Tutor Maths

My Tutoring approach

Throughout my 9-year carreer as a teacher, I have had lovely learners, and have been captivated by the experience of continuously obtaining innovative strategies of approaching a topic so that it is captivating and cool for the child I tutor.

How I teach

The mentor approach of mine is student-centred: my aim is always to make an encouraging, enjoyable and warm atmosphere for learning how to do well.
I respond immediately to the requirements of each and every student I teach, producing my training style so that it fully complies with their persona and skills.

If they're working on practical things associated with their education, I believe that learners understand most deeply. This points to writing tasks, using games, making rhymes, drawing pictures, student presentations, and other kinds of interaction, that keeps students energised and inflamed regarding to the object.

I teach expertly and properly, quickly investigating areas for improving, and then operating simple pattern spotting ways (in case it is necessary). I pay attention to setting up elementary activities for the child produce their individual perception of the question. I love physics and mathematics, and I never feel annoyed of speaking and discovering these content with my students. It is a big delight to find out new and fascinating approaches of coming up with the theme so that it is always fresh and interesting for both sides. My learners always gave me really positive reviews on our lessons.

The psychology of tutoring mathematics

Through patience, encouragement, and humour, I permanently make every effort to teach my students that they can much more than they know.
I consider that my willingness to change teaching methods according to the goals of scholars, subject matter, and learner demographics are all essential for me to be effective as a trainer.
I ground my teaching on the belief that the only way to study mathematics is to do maths. Though the reading proofs and examples in textbooks and from lecture notes is worthy, the true understanding comes through solving mathematical problems, either theoretical, computational, or both.
I have also noticed that giving assignments which have a direct relation to the learner's individual life can assist in their studying the material and understanding its usage.

Maths Courses & Subjects

Courses & Subjects

  • Mathematical equationGeneral Mathematics
  • Mathematical equationMathematics
  • Mathematical equationMathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematical equationMathematics Extension 2

Maths Tutor Winston Hills

Hi my name is Elizabeth , I live in Winston Hills, NSW . But can also travel to Castle Hill 2154, Northmead 2152, Glenhaven 2156, Harris Park 2150, Beaumont Hills 2155, North Parramatta 2151, Glenorie 2157.

  • Postal code: 2153

What languages I speak

English (Australia)
English (Australia)
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More info about myself

I like mathematics and I enjoy teaching it. I recognise that mathematics isn't really for everybody yet I wish that in my lessons I can aid you learn the topics and also, possibly, you can discover that maths could be enjoyable to research also!

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